Images of Honeypot Ants 2: The Deleted Scenes

Listen, I’m just going to say it all now: I’m not going to post my follow-up to that initial article about Western depictions of honeypot ants. Although Westerners don’t seem very creative or nuanced when it comes to depicting these ants in MOST art… the reveal was going to be that people get quite creative when it comes to NSFW depictions.

But I’m not going to release that “deep dive,” so don’t worry about it too much.

The backstory

When I was trawling the internet for every existing depiction of honeypot ants, I thought I had hit a wall. I thought I had seen everything the web had to offer. However, that was when I noticed that “safe search” was turned on. WHOOOOAAAHHH BOY.

It turns out that honeypot ants sit at the intersection of many popular sexual fetishes. I told my brother I would not get into the juicy details here, but think vore, furry stuff, inflationism, force-feeding, and other shit that even I—someone who grew up a denizen of the early internet—hadn’t ever heard of. I created a collection ofthese interesting, somewhat horrifying, mostly pornographic… “art” that Westerners had made depicting honeypot ants. Surprisngly, it wasn’t the obvious lewd and “ants with giant breasts”-filled images that were the most terrifying!

The problem

Obviously, this is a semi-professional and SHARED blog, so I wasn’t sure how to share such sensitive material. Also, I didn’t want to shame anyone’s sexual proclivities… too much. Zach and I went back and forth about it for a very, VERY long time, and we even invented our own way to automatically blur NSFW images until they were clicked. However, I never really figured out a good way to write it, and Zach eventually forbade me from posting it anywhere that could even be marginally associated with his name.

Also, I feel like this “unfinished masterpiece” (lol) has kept me from actually posting any other projects, so I’m officially calling it dead. I’m sure the many thousands of fans who have been waiting eagerly FOR YEARS to see Part II will be disappointed, but it can’t be helped.

Just Google this gross shit yourself if you really care1.


  1. I literally CANNOT recommend you search for this at all. Please don’t. 


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